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Mar 16
Ali Family & Relationships, Guest Appearances, Video Comments Off on Jimmy Kimmel Live

Ginnifer also did an interview with Jimmy Kimmel this past week too!

Mar 16
Ali Guest Appearances, Video Comments Off on The Talk

Here are clips from Ginny’s interview with The Talk. She talks about getting the part of doing the voice for Judy Hopps and about how she continues to work on Once Upon A Time even though she is pregnant.

Mar 16
Ali Guest Appearances, Video Comments Off on The Late Late Show with James Corden

Ginnifer did a guest appearance on the Late Late Show with James Corden. Here are some clips from her interview!

Mar 16
Ali Zootopia Comments Off on Meet Zootopia’s brave bunny, Judy Hopps

‘Once Upon a Time’ star Ginnifer Goodwin talks the pluck of this hare

Judy Hopps is the newest hero to join Disney’s animal ranks, and she’s the warmest, fuzziest, bunniest police officer that you may never have met.

“The initial pitch for the movie was about a spy jackrabbit called Jack Savage, a James Bond type,” says Byron Howard, co-director of the latest Disney Animated endeavor, Zootopia (opening Mar. 4). “We chucked the spy thing and the movie evolved into this detective crime procedural, and at that point, [the character] took on this persona as a wannabe cop.”

Enter Judy, a wide-eyed bunny cop eager to prove her species’ mettle in a blue uniform in the bustling, anthropomorphic city of Zootopia. In a police force dominated by elephants, rhinos, and buffalo, Zootopia’s rabbit protagonist underwent a character transformation from slick to sweet — but she never lost her determination, especially not when Once Upon a Time actress Ginnifer Goodwin signed on to voice her.

“We talked about her possibly having cowboy swagger, like a female John Wayne,” Goodwin says. “But I think I must have been lousy at it because they very kindly and lovingly sat me down and said, ‘We want what you bring to the table to be what Judy is.’ And so I dropped everything and tried to make her bouncy and reactive. Judy just sounds like me.”

In fact, Goodwin shares more than a vocal chord with Judy. The actress’s go-go-go attitude aligns nicely with the speedy rabbit’s chronic impatience. Consider: The film’s lynchpin sloths-at-the-DMV scene — where a panicky, time-crunched Judy contends with sluggish sloth bureaucrats — was a one-take deal for that exact reason. “What genuinely happened in the room was the guys were making me so crazy because they were speaking so slowly,” says Goodwin with a laugh. “Without even thinking about it, I just found myself speeding up. The slower they spoke, the more quickly I needed to. I was pulling my hair out. And that ended up being what was used.”

Howard describes the link between actress and character thusly: “Ginnifer has this very pure core to her. She sounds very innocent, she’s very determined, but she’s still very fiery, and we sort of went away from that swaggery cop to a cop who is very true blue, like an Eagle Scout.”

Well, maybe not eagle scout. To the filmmakers, rabbits were the perfect underdog species for the role, particularly because of the natural food-chain chemistry with Judy’s fox partner, Nick Wilde (Jason Bateman). “Some folks were, ‘Well, should it be a rabbit and a fox? Should it be a tiger and a gazelle? Should it be a bigger animal and a smaller animal?’” recalls Howard. “[As fox and rabbit], Nick and Judy are predator and prey, but in the bigger scheme of the world, they’re both still underdogs. They’re small animals in a world full of much larger… dangerous animals. So there was something about having them be natural enemies but still be close in size, that made them feel like underdogs.”

Plus, it doesn’t hurt that Judy and Nick are already so Disney-ready cute. Co-director Rich Moore says the bunny’s appeal is a combination of both an improvement in technology and the tried-and-true Disney process. “When you put her into the hands of a Disney animator, it’s almost like muscle memory,” says Moore. “They know what to do with the character to achieve maximum cute appeal. In fact, we had to pull them back. Sometimes she was a little too cute, where she started to lose some of her determination. And she almost thinks of being cute as a disability, that she’s not being taken seriously because of it.”

Goodwin agrees, and Judy’s pluck is largely her favorite thing about the character — a realization that, despite years of recording, the actress only recently grasped. “I didn’t understand until I saw the film that we have this badass action hero who is girly and good and generous and well-meaning and uncompromising and doesn’t have to have any of the, frankly, masculine qualities and sexuality that we associate to make her an action hero. She’s just unpromisingly sweet,” says Goodwin. “If I had little girls, I would kill for Judy Hopps to be their role model. And I would kill for Judy to be my boys’ role model, too.”

But Goodwin — who has one toddler and is expecting a baby boy with husband Josh Dallas — has removed herself from the Judy equation, at least when it comes to her growing tot, who has no idea mom is Hopps. “I don’t want him to recognize my voice, because he’s just developing an imagination, and I love that he believes characters are real, and I don’t want to shatter that illusion,” she admits. “My son carries a Judy doll around and shows her things out the window or reads her books and [I’m] like, you have no idea how weird this is.”


Mar 16
Ali Images, Once Upon A Time Comments Off on Once Upon a Time | Souls Of The Departed Stills

New stills have been released for this Sunday’s episode of Once Upon a Time, Souls Of The Departed and can now be found in our gallery.

Gallery Links:

Ginnifer Goodwin Online > Once Upon A Time > Season Five > Episode Stills > 05×12 | Souls Of The Departed

Mar 16
Ali Once Upon A Time, Video Comments Off on 100 Episodes of Once Upon A Time

This Sunday is the 100th episode of Once Upon a Time. Be sure to tune in!

Heroes. Villains. New Worlds. Adventure. Love. Once Upon A Time returns with its 100th episode on Sunday, March 6!

Feb 16
Ali Articles & Interviews, Zootopia Comments Off on Disney princess Ginnifer Goodwin hops to ‘Zootopia’ role

The San Francisco Chronicle ran this article on Ginny and her new film Zootopia.

When Ginnifer Goodwin says she loves Disney, believe her. “I’m a Disney freak. A Disneyphile,” she says.

Unlike most kids who fell under the Disney spell watching “The Little Mermaid” or any other Disney animated film over and over, Goodwin ended up as a Disney princess of sorts. Since 2011 she has played Snow White on “Once Upon a Time,” ABC’s contemporary take on Disney fairy tales.

Goodwin took her princesshood so seriously, in fact, that she married Josh Dallas, the actor who plays her Prince Charming on the show. The couple wed in 2014 and have one son, Oliver, who turns 2 in May, and another arriving in about three months.

Before then, Goodwin gets to cross off another item on her Disney bucket list: giving voice to a lead character in a Disney animated film.

In “Zootopia,” the latest from a reinvigorated Disney Animation after hits like “Frozen” and “Big Hero 6,” Goodwin plays Judy Hopps, an adorable little bunny rabbit who becomes the first of her species to serve on the police force in Zootopia, a mega-city where predator and prey live side by side in relative peace. It’s a true urban jungle, where animals of vastly different sizes (from mouse to elephant) wear clothes, drive cars and, in Judy’s case, fight crimes involving prejudice and fear mongering.

More than a cartoon with a message, “Zootopia” is a full-on allegory about race, and the fact that its protagonist is a heroic police officer gives it added weight.

“From the beginning, the movie was always about prey and predators trying to live together,” Goodwin says from Vancouver, British Columbia, where she shoots “Once Upon a Time.” “There was an early version of the script that was even more extreme, but the writers trusted their audience to go there without making things so black and white.

‘How we choose’

“This is a story about life and how we choose to live it. It was always grounded in something comical and relatable. You don’t feel the wallop coming. One of the things I’ve always loved about Disney is that they represent the pinnacle of storytelling. You really feel that here.”

Originally, the lead character was a fox named Nick Wilde voiced by Jason Bateman. Nick has chosen to play into the stereotype of a “shifty fox” and lives his life on the hustle. Judy Hopps was more of a sidekick, but then, about a year ago, directors Byron Howard, Rich Moore and Jared Bush decided Judy would make a stronger connection with the audience and Nick would be her sidekick.

“I didn’t realize until I saw the movie that my favorite thing about Judy is her feminist bent,” Goodwin says. “I was so relieved to see a movie where the lead female doesn’t have to have masculine qualities to be the hero. I was not expecting that. We record so many different versions of the scenes I wasn’t quite sure how they would sew her all together. There were some versions where I was trying to imagine a female John Wayne or maybe an Angelina Jolie.”

Judy leaves a bucolic farming community and a family with hundreds of brothers and sisters to find herself working doubly hard to fulfill her dream of becoming a police officer. No one believes a “dumb” bunny has what it takes, but of course, she proves them wrong.

“Judy is flawed but not jaded in any way,” Goodwin says. “She’s not a tomboy. She’s not tough as nails. She’s a sweet, kind, good girl who’s the action hero. She’s doing it on her own terms.”

More adventures?

Goodwin and Bateman make an entertaining pair, and the movie ends with the possibility of more adventures for Judy and Nick. That would make Goodwin happy.

“I would be delighted to spend the next 20 years making shorts and TV shows with these characters,” she says. “I keep asking the team when we start the sequel. I get very excited thinking about what kind of ‘Zootopia’ ride they could build in the Disney parks. I definitely don’t think we’ve seen the last of Nick and Judy.”

Chad Jones is a freelance writer in San Francisco who blogs at

Zootopia (PG) opens Friday, March 4, at Bay Area theaters.

Feb 16
Ali Events, Images Comments Off on Zootopia Premiere

Ginnifer & Josh walked the red carpet for the premiere of her new film Zootopia last night. Ginnifer looked radiant as she showed off her baby bumb in a floor-length silk gown by Etro which she accented with H Stern jewelry, and Nicholas Kirkwood shoes.

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Ginnifer Goodwin Online > 2016 > February 17 | Zootopia Premiere In Los Angeles – Inside

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