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H&M’s Fashion Against AIDS

Ginnifer was one of the celebrities featured in the 2011 campaign for H&M’s Fashion Against AIDS to help bring awareness for people to be safe.

"HIV and AIDS are still growing problems and people lose sight of it.
H&M and DAA have found such a hip and accessible way to educate our youth. I think it’s really important to remind people that it’s really cool to be safe."

Artists from the worlds of film and music are supporting Fashion Against AIDS (FAA) this Spring, H&M’s and Designers Against AIDS’s (DAA) mutual initiative to help spread the message of safe sex and HIV/AIDS prevention to young people around the globe.

Since 2008, Designers Against AIDS has successfully collaborated with fashion giant H&M, launching the global Fashion Against Aids campaigns.The first campaign immediately turned out to be a success, the idea of combining fashion with the message of safe sex was being embraced by the media and the artists, who took the time to design one of the T-shirts for the collection. Not only the message was spread, but there’s also the fact that 25 % of the sales price of all FAA garment was directly donated to
HIV/AIDS awareness projects.

Ginnifer talks about the campaign while at her photoshoot for the 2011 campaign:

Learn more about this great organization and find out how you can help by visiting the following links:


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