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Mar 14
Ali Once Upon A Time Comments Off on Matt’s Inside Line: Scoop on Once and more

TVLine is giving us some scoop on some things coming up on Once Upon a Time and there are some speculations about the Charming Baby!

Is there a method to The Blacklist‘s madness? Who’s meddling with a Mentalist romance? Is Glee ready to raise the curtain? What’s the deal with Once Upon a Time‘s Neal? Read on for answers to those questions plus teases from other shows.

Any clue what is going on with Neal on Once Upon a Time? His fans are worried! –Sara
Patience, dearie. Within the next few episodes, the mystery of what’s been going on with Neal in Storybrooke will be answered.

On Once Upon a Time, is there any chance that Snow and Charmings’ new baby is “Dorothy” in this Oz story? –Tom
Funny, Ginnifer Goodwin told me that she and Josh Dallas have batted around that same theory – though at the time we chatted, they were warming up to the Emma-as-”Dorothy” figure speculation. But through the filming of Episode 18, at least, there have been no hints either way.

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