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2 Responses to “Walt Disney World Opens New Fantasyland”

Today we were at DisneyWorld and was eating lunch at Columbia Harbour House and Ginnifer walked by and my husband says, look its Snow White! He was joking at my daughter and I who are huge fans of your show. When we left Ginnifer walked by and with a friend and a cast member. We were directly behind her. When she smiled and turned her head, I knew exactly who it was!!! I said to my daughter, that IS Snow White!!! My husband laughed at me and said, No it isn’t, I was kidding. I said, well your kidding paid off, it is her. Nice to see her in real life! She is just as beautiful! Always loved her and what a thrill to be able to see her regularly on a show! Wish I had the chance to say hello! My daughter Meghan didn’t stop talking about it all day!

Dec 08, 12 at 8:40 pm

So exciting! Thank you so much for sharing!

Dec 08, 12 at 9:21 pm

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