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Jan 12
Ali Co-Stars, Once Upon A Time Comments Off on Jennifer Morrison Talks About the Fairy Tale She Wants On Once Upon A Time and Emma’s New Love Interest

Buzz Sugar spoke with Ginny’s co-star and friend Jennifer Morrison and asked her about the relationship between Emma and Mary Margaret.

Buzz: What do you think of the relationship between Emma and Mary Margaret?
JM: I think it’s fascinating and I think it was a genius idea on Eddie and Adam’s part — Eddie Kitsis and Adam Horowitz, the showrunners — because I think all of us have had those moments where we think, “God, what would it be like to go back and be friends with my parents, before they had kids, and before they had to be parents?” This is the ultimate exploration of what that could possibly look like. Emma doesn’t for a second think that Mary Margaret is really her mother, and so she definitely has this very natural friendship with her, which in some ways is very alarming, because Mary Margaret is so pure and so true and seems to just be nice to her for the sake of being nice to her without ulterior motives. And I don’t think Emma’s really come across that in life. And because Emma’s been so damaged and so hurt and so isolated over time, this is really new for her to have this kind of relationship with another woman and I think it does very naturally feel maternal in some ways. It is fun to find those times where it feels like we’re just friends, and times where she feels like the mom and I feel like the kid, or I feel like the mom and she feels like the kid. We’re always playing around with that dynamic when we have those scenes together.

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