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Dec 11
Ali Once Upon A Time Comments Off on Once Upon a Time Bosses on How Lost Influenced Their Fairytale World

Executive producers Adam Horowitz and Edward Kitsis spoke with TV Guide about Once Upon a Time and where the show is headed.

“There’s a curse that needs to be broken, and these characters have had their happy endings ripped from them. Emma [Jennifer Morrison] comes in there trying to help them find their happy endings. Ultimately, the last happy ending is for Emma.”

Before that can happen, Emma, who also just happens to be the daughter of Prince Charming (Josh Dallas) and Snow White (Ginnifer Goodwin), must truly become the hero of the story — a quest the writers find exciting because she was never part of the fairytale canon. “Emma is essentially a new fairytale character,” Kitsis notes. “Emma’s journey is just beginning and it hasn’t been written yet.”

“We’ve heard people discussing: Will [Emma] break the curse? How will she break the curse? When will she break the curse?” Horowitz says. “The curse, in many ways, is the tip of the iceberg. Even if you do know who you are, that doesn’t mean everything immediately comes back to you and you get your happy ending.” Adds Kitsis, “In fact, in a lot of ways, it might just make it worse.”

Unfortunately, this means Prince Charming and Snow White have a long way to go before their tale becomes the love story we know it to be. “Anytime you have a love story on a TV show, it’s always hard to keep them apart,” Kitsis notes. “In fairytale land, we understand that these two belong together. Now, in Storybrooke, these two are separated by [David’s] wife, so they can’t be together. You get to really see that the curse makes good on its promise, which is that it will rip everything you love from your life.”

Getting her parents the happy ending they deserve will be the greatest challenge for Emma. Though she’s gone toe-to-toe with Storybrooke’s mayor Regina, who adopted Henry (Jared Gilmore), the son Emma gave up for adoption 10 years ago, she’ll have to face the ultimate antagonist of the story: Regina’s fairytale counterpart, The Evil Queen. “The Evil Queen is not somebody whose bad side you want to get on, but if anyone can take her on, it’s Emma,” Kitsis says.

To read the entire article go here.

Dec 11
Ali Forum, Once Upon A Time, Site Comments Off on The Forum: Once Upon A Time Fans is Launched

I love Ginnifer and have seen most of her projects. Her newest project Once Upon A Time on ABC is definitely one of my favorites! My friend Kari who runs our partner site: Josh Dallas Fan and I have added a forum to both of our sites dedicated to all things and people Once Upon A Time.

We hope that you will go register and start sharing your thoughts on this new ABC series and enjoy getting to know other fans.

Dec 11
Ali Once Upon A Time, Video Comments Off on Once Upon a Time: The Shepherd … Sneak Peek #2

I finally found the clip that was released earlier this week that could be embeded on the site. So you can watch it here:

(WARNING: Slightly Spoilerish)

Plus I found another new one …

Dec 11
Ali Articles & Interviews, Once Upon A Time Comments Off on Why Is Once Upon a Time Like Buffy? Plus, Just How Evil Is the Evil Queen?

E!Online did an interview with Once Upon A Time’s producer Jane Espenson who shared some of what is to come on the hit series. Here is what she shared in regards to Mary Margaret and Snow White.

If you know anything about us you know we are suckers for TV true loves, so the best thing about Once’s dual stories is twice as much Snow (Ginnifer Goodwin) and Prince Charming (Josh Dallas). Hope you love them as much as we do, because Espenson says we’ll “see various chapters in a fairly long history between them.” And he might look the part of the perfect prince, but Espenson warns: “Forget what you think you know about Prince Charming.” We will soon learn about what family he is a part of—and it won’t be at all what we expect.

And what about that pesky “wife” of the prince’s amnesiac Storybrooke counterpart, David? Will she keep Mary Margaret and him apart? Espenson promises things will get “very complicated and very emotional.”

Also complicated and emotional is Snow’s relationship with the Evil Queen. If there was any ambiguity as to whether Regina remembers her fairy-tale past, Espenson reveals: “Regina knows. She has her memory as the Evil Queen.” Things just got a little more deliciously evil. But if you search in the recesses of your childhood memories, you may remember that before she was the Evil Queen, she was also Snow’s stepmother, and we will soon learn all about the epic fallout that eventually led to Snow hiding in the woods—and a little glass coffin.

To read the entire article go here.

Dec 11
Ali Images, Magazine Comments Off on Los Angeles Magazine Scans

Thanks to my awesome friend Roberta we have a set of scans from Los Angeles Magazine’s February 2009 issue.

Gallery Links:

Dec 11
Ali Articles & Interviews, Co-Stars Comments Off on Ginnifer Goodwin and Jennifer Morrison: All About the Once Upon a Time Stars

This article came out on last month but I thought it was so cute I wanted to make sure you guys had a chance to read it!

Ginnifer Goodwin and Jennifer Morrison are no strangers to television, having made names for themselves starring in HBO’s Big Love and Fox’s House, respectively. They’ve now paired up for ABC’s new fantasy adventure series Once Upon a Time, a modern-day take on Snow White, which premiered Sunday.

Set in the strange fairy tale town of Storybrooke, Maine, the show features Morrison as Emma Swan, who may be the long lost daughter of Snow White, played by Goodwin.

Turns out the actresses have more in common than starring roles on a buzzed-about new show … Here are some fun facts (and surprising similarities) about the two stars.

1. Jennifer x 2
They both have the same name – at least on their birth certificates. Born Jennifer Goodwin in Memphis, Tenn., Goodwin later changed her name to “Ginnifer,” both to distinguish it and so that people would adhere to its proper Southern pronunciation.

2. They’ve Got Degrees to Prove It
Gin and Jen’s acting credentials extend beyond stage and screen roles. Morrison, 32, majored in Theatre and minored in English at Loyola University Chicago, graduating in 2000. Goodwin, 33, received a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Acting from Boston University in 2001. And as a child model, Morrison starred in television commercials and appeared on the cover of Sports Illustrated for Kids in 1992, alongside Michael Jordan, while Goodwin appeared in a Gap campaign in 2008.

3. Tweet Tweet!
Both are avid Twitter users. Fans can keep up with Morrison and Goodwin on their Twitter pages, where they post updates about Once Upon a Time and often respond to questions and comments.

4. They Love Animals – For Different Reasons
An animal activist, Goodwin once adopted an entire flock of turkeys and was a spokesperson for the animal protection organization Farm Sanctuary’s Adopt-a-Turkey program in 2009. Though she was at one time a vegan, the actress eventually had to abandon the diet due to health issues.

But something tells us they wouldn’t be ordering the same thing off a menu. Morrison once told PEOPLE, “I love In-N-Out Burgers!” and she’s Tweeted her affection for Thanksgiving turkey as well.

Guess Gin and Jen can’t have everything in common.

Dec 11
Ali Once Upon A Time, Video Comments Off on Once Upon A Time: Sneak Peak at The Shepherd

TV Line’s Matt Webb Mitovich shared our first peek at the new episode of Once Upon a Time scheduled for this Sunday.

Storybrooke school teacher Mary Margaret Blanchard is working hard to walk the fine line between Snow White and, well, Ho White.

In this exclusive clip from the next episode of ABC’s Once Upon a Time (airing Sunday at 8/7c), we learn that David — Prince Charming’s alter ego — has left the woman claiming to be his wife, in part because he feels such a strong, strange connection to Mary.

Mary’s soul, though, is as white as the driven snow, so she is hesitant to get involved with a married man. But when he invites her to think about it and deliver her answer by meeting him at “their bridge” (or not), you’ve got to think the teach might be tempted enough to open the book on her happy ending. Or will the Evil Queen… er, Regina… do something to make sure that this affair is not to be remembered?

P.S. If you’re out there on Twitter, know that Josh Dallas (who plays David/the Prince) will be live-tweeting Sunday’s episode (at @joshdallas).

Watch the video here

Nov 11
Ali Images, Magazine Comments Off on TV Guide Scan

Thanks to Kelly we have this new scan from the new TV Guide.

Gallery Links:

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