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Jun 16
Ali Family & Relationships Comments Off on Josh Dallas and Ginnifer Goodwin Welcome Son Hugo Wilson

Thank you to People for sharing this exciting news! Congratulations to Josh & Ginny!

And baby makes four!

Ginnifer Goodwin and Josh Dallas welcomed their second child together, a son, on June 1, E! News reports. The couple’s baby boy is named Hugo Wilson Dallas.

The Once Upon a Time stars, who married in April 2014 and are already parents to 22-month-old son Oliver Finlay, confirmed to PEOPLE in November that they were expecting their second child.

Goodwin, 37, recently spoke to PEOPLE about how her second pregnancy is even more exhausting than her first.

“Now I’m running after a toddler, working on a series and doing a press tour,” she said, but added that she was doing “remarkably well” and the pregnancy was flying by.

“The first time you feel like you are pregnant for four years,” Goodwin said. “This time, I don’t know how many weeks I am. I have to reference my date book!”

May 16
Ali Site Comments Off on Fan Carpet Fansite of the Day

Thank you to Fan Carpet for recognizing our site as their fansite of the day for May 23rd.

May 16
Ali Ginnifer Comments Off on Happy 38th Birthday Ginnifer!

Want to wish Ginny a happy birthday! Hope it has been a great day!

May 16
Ali Images, Zootopia Comments Off on More Zootopia Stills

Found a bunch of new stills of Ginny’s character Judy from Zootopia and have added them to our gallery for you to enjoy!

Gallery Links:

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Apr 16
Ali Events, Images Comments Off on John Varvatos 13th Annual Stuart House Benefit

Last night Josh & Ginnifer attended the Stuart House Benefit … Ginny looked beautiful in a white lace maxi dress designed by A Pea In ThePod.

Thank you Carol for sharing so many of these pics with us!

Gallery Links:

Ginnifer Goodwin Online > 2016 > April 17 | John Varvatos 13th Annual Stuart House Benefit

Apr 16
Ali Images, Once Upon A Time Comments Off on Once Upon A Time | Ruby Slippers Stills

New stills from tomorrow’s episode, Ruby Slippers were released and are now in our gallery.

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Mar 16
Ali Images, Once Upon A Time Comments Off on Once Upon a Time | Labor of Love Stills

New stills from last week’s episode, Labor of Love were released and are now in our gallery.

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Mar 16
Ali Articles & Interviews, Zootopia Comments Off on Ginnifer Goodwin On Playing A Rabbit Cop In ‘Zootopia’

NPR’s Kelly McEvers talks to Ginnifer Goodwin, who voiced main character Officer Judy Hopps, in the Disney animated film, Zootopia, about a world where animals live in perfect harmony.


NATE TORRENCE: (As Clawhauser) You are even cuter than I thought you’d be.

GINNIFER GOODWIN: (As Judy Hopps) You probably didn’t know, but, a bunny can call another bunny cute, but when other animals do it it’s a little…

TORRENCE: (As Clawhauser) Oh, I am so sorry.


And Officer Judy Hopps certainly has a long way to go to prove she’s not just Zootopia Police Department’s cute token bunny. Ginnifer Goodwin voiced the main character of Judy Hopps, and she’s with me now in the studio.

Welcome to the show.

GOODWIN: Thank you, it’s an honor to be here.

MCEVERS: Cool. That clip we just heard with Judy Hopps admonishing one of her characters for calling her cute – you know, there’s a lot of vocabulary in this film that, you know, in the real world is used in pretty serious conversations about race and stereotyping. Tell me about that.

GOODWIN: The thing that I think I love most about this movie is that it was a surprise to even me when I saw it how not just timely and relatable it was, but also in realizing that this movie was written years ago, how timeless these issues are and how maybe we should’ve dealt with them a long time ago. And I love that it’s not – I mean, it’s not a message movie. It’s just that, like you said, there is a vocabulary that is scarily relevant.

MCEVERS: You know, the movie deals with small prejudices, large produces. There’s this one point where somebody’s, like, putting a sheep’s wool. Maybe we can listen to that clip, too.


BATEMAN: (As Nick Wilde) So fluffy.

GOODWIN: (As Judy Hopps) Hey.

BATEMAN: (As Nick Wilde) Sheep never let me get this close.

GOODWIN: (As Judy Hopps) You can’t just touch a sheep’s wool.

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