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Nov 13
Ali Killing Kennedy Comments Off on ‘Killing Kennedy’: Rob Lowe, Ginnifer Goodwin bring Bill O’ Reilly’s JFK docudrama to life

Zap2It gives us a run down on Killing Kennedy which is premiering tonight! The shares some thoughts on the storyline.

On Nov. 22, America and the world mark the 50th anniversary of one of the most momentous events of the 20th century, the assassination of President John F. Kennedy.

As it did last year with “Killing Lincoln,” National Geographic Channel has turned to another best-seller by Fox News’ Bill O’Reilly and historian Martin Dugard to dramatize the occasion.

Premiering Sunday, Nov. 10, the docudrama version of “Killing Kennedy” follows the twin trajectories of JFK and Lee Harvey Oswald until they meet on that fateful day in Dallas’ Dealey Plaza.

Directed by Nelson McCormick from a script by Kelly Masterson, “Killing Kennedy” stars Rob Lowe as JFK, Ginnifer Goodwin as first lady Jacqueline Kennedy, Will Rothhaar as Lee Harvey Oswald, Michelle Trachtenberg as Marina Oswald, Jack Noseworthy as Bobby Kennedy, Casey Siemaszko as Jack Ruby, Francis Guinan as Lyndon B. Johnson and Richard Flood as Kennedy insider Kenneth O’Donnell.

On this bright mid-June day in Richmond, Va., a stretch of closed-off street just outside the governor’s mansion has become Dealey Plaza. There are no crowds, since this is a tight shot through a lens with cross hairs on it, simulating Oswald’s point of view from the Texas School Book Depository.

Riding in a replica of the convertible used that day, Lowe and Goodwin re-enact the pivotal moment, as captured by chance on the famous footage from bystander Abraham Zapruder. Mimicking the the first couple’s movements exactly, Lowe reacts to the impact of the assassin’s bullets, while Goodwin — dressed in Jackie’s pink Chanel suit — launches herself over the car’s trunk lid in pursuit of something precious.

Sitting afterward in the makeup trailer, still in her suit, as the carefully coiffed brown wig is removed, Goodwin recalls reading that while Jackie could not remember reaching over the back of the car, she wound up in possession of part of her husband’s brain matter.

“I don’t think there was any thought,” says Goodwin to Zap2it. “I think it was pure instinct, pure survival. It’s hard to imagine anybody surviving a moment like that.”

For Rothhaar, the challenge was finding the man inside the monster.

“A lot of people want to make him a two-dimensional villain,” he says, relaxing in the shade of a tree. “I want to make him three-dimensional, find the things that make you like him, to make him human.

“He had a screwed-up childhood. His father died two months before he was born, and his mother was crazy as hell.”

Earlier in the day, Lowe takes a break after shooting a family scene in the walled garden of the mansion’s guest house and settles on a couch to discuss his affection for JFK, a hero of his even though the president died months before Lowe was born.

“I can’t remember which birthday,” he says, “maybe it was my 40th, but my wife got me my favorite Jacques Lowe — no relation — photograph of JFK. It sits in my office, and I see it every day while I work.”

Lowe has another responsibility since he’s friendly with members of the Kennedy family,”I gave them a call. I know some of them would rather not go through this, but it’s a conversation the nation should have. Especially young people need to know what was lost.”

Because of the tight shooting schedule, Lowe arrived on set to find he’d been thrown in at the deep end.

“My first day,” says Lowe, “I did the death of (infant son) Patrick; I did the Cuban Missile Crisis; I was preparing to address the nation, getting my shots; I did the Bay of Pigs, with Jackie; then I did discussing whether there was enough room in the bunker for her and the children if there was a (nuclear) strike, and what we would do as a family.

“Then I did scenes. With Jack and the girls that he fancied in the White House and then swimming in the pool with them, all in one day. The challenge – not the problem, the challenge – with doing that is to find the humanity and the small, realistic, daily details of a scene that’s so iconic. All those scenes are iconic moments in his life.

“We don’t do scenes where he’s having a peanut butter and jelly sandwich at 2 a.m. in the White House mess. We don’t get to do those on this show.”

But in those rare intimate scenes with Jackie and the children, Lowe gets behind the image and the office to give a glimpse of the man.

“Icons are unplayable,” says Lowe, “You’re lucky if you can play an actual human being. So, to me, I was much more interested in how did he love Jackie, how did he feel about the children, what were his fears and strengths, what were the effects of his childhood? All that stuff was very interesting to me.”

Nov 13
Ali Articles & Interviews, Killing Kennedy Comments Off on ‘Jackie’s life was to be the kind of wife that JFK would want’

Daily Mail has this great article on Ginnifer … she talks about her new film Killing Kennedy along with her life in Hollywood and what she wants in life.

Jackie Kennedy, a woman we consider modern and independent, fascinates us to this day. Actress Ginnifer Goodwin nailed her iconic look for a new film – but it was by listening to reels of old interviews that she really got inside the head of the First Lady…

ONE of the most photographed women of all time, so famous that her first name sufficed, and married into the closest thing America has to a royal family, Jackie predated Diana by a quarter of a century as a beloved icon beset by tragedy. On 22 November it will be 50 years since Jacqueline Kennedy was widowed, when Lee Harvey Oswald fired the fatal shot from the Texas School Book Depository in Dallas, assassinating John F Kennedy, the 35th president of the United States. The anniversary will no doubt be marked by heated discussions of legacies, conspiracy theories and curses, feeding a never-abating fascination with the assassination.

But a new film, Killing Kennedy – starring Rob Lowe as John F Kennedy and Ginnifer Goodwin as Jackie – focuses largely on the domestic drama, the marriage between the handsome, idealistic young president and the most stylish First Lady in American history; the golden couple whose three-year spell in the White House came to be known as Camelot.

‘I hope that in the film we really humanise them as a couple,’ says Ginnifer, when we meet in her apartment in Vancouver, Canada, where the US TV show in which she stars, Once Upon A Time (UK viewers can find it on Netflix), is filmed. ‘I don’t feel they have been fully humanised in other films.’ Actresses who have previously portrayed Jackie include Katie Holmes, who played her in The Kennedys, and Jaclyn Smith, who played her in the 1981 film Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy, about the years before her marriage to JFK.

Playing a woman whose face graced thousands of magazine covers the world over must be nothing short of intimidating. But Ginnifer seems to be taking it all in her stride. The perkily pretty 35-year-old is today sporting her now trademark pixie crop, but with a brunette bouffant wig is transformed into an eerily accurate Jackie (who was just 34 years old when her husband was shot). ‘Really? I’m so glad you think so, because I just didn’t think I resembled her at all,’ says Ginnifer. ‘But our hair and make-up team did an amazing job, and I would sneak on to set earlier than I was supposed to so we could have extra time playing with the eyebrows to get them right,’ she laughs.

And while Ginnifer openly admits to her own love of fashion – today she is wearing an APC T-shirt, an Isabel Marant cardigan and lace-up Sonia Rykiel pumps – her wardrobe is minute compared with that of the former first lady.

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Nov 13
Ali Images, Killing Kennedy Comments Off on Killing Kennedy | Promotional Images

Here are some beautiful promotional images of Ginnifer as Jacqueline Kennedy.

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Nov 13
Ali Killing Kennedy, Video Comments Off on Ginnifer Goodwin on Wearing Jackie’s Most Famous Outfit Ever in Killing Kennedy

Ginnifer spoke with about what it was like to wear the pink Chanel suit while portraying Jackie Kennedy.

After simply seeing a still of her in character, an overwhelming 54 percent of you already ruled Ginnifer Goodwin to be the most eerily realistic Jackie Kennedy ever captured on film. This weekend, you’ll get to see her in motion: Killing Kennedy premieres Sunday at 8 P.M. ET on NatGeo. But before you take in the television event, watch this moving clip of Ginnifer and costume designer Amy Harrell on how they re-created the iconic pink Chanel suit Jackie wore the day President Kennedy was shot—and what it was like to slip into that bit of history.

Nov 13
Ali Images, Once Upon A Time Comments Off on Once Upon a Time | Ginnifer & Josh filming

Ginnifer and Josh were filming for Once Upon a Time this week. Looks like the gang might have gotten back to good ol’ Storybrooke!

Thanks to Claudia for sending us these pics!

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Nov 13
Ali Images, Killing Kennedy Comments Off on Ginnifer Shares Set Images from Killing Kennedy

Today Ginny took over National Georgraphic’s Instagram and shared a bunch of great images from the set of Killing Kennedy.

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Nov 13
Ali Ginnifer, Killing Kennedy Comments Off on Chat Live with Killing Kennedy’s Ginnifer Goodwin on Twitter!

Ginnifer Goodwin knows a thing or two about bringing fairy tales to life on Once Upon a Time. And now, she’s ready to conjure up Camelot.

The actress channels Jackie Kennedy opposite Rob Lowe as the 35th U.S. president in the upcoming TV movie Killing Kennedy, airing Sunday (8 p.m. ET) on the National Geographic Channel.

Join PEOPLE as we host a Twitter Q&A with Goodwin on Sunday, Nov. 10, at 7:30 p.m. ET, leading up for the premiere of the film based on Bill O’Reilly and Martin Dugard’s book, Killing Kennedy: The End of Camelot. Follow us at @peoplemag and send us your questions for Goodwin, using the hashtag #AskGinny.

(You can also send questions in advance, so don’t be shy!)

Ginnifer is @ginnygoodwin on Twitter and remember to include #AskGinny. You can also check out @natgeochannel for all the details about Killing Kennedy


Nov 13
Ali Images, Killing Kennedy Comments Off on Killing Kennedy | Production Stills

Here are some stills from Ginnifer’s new film Killing Kennedy.

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