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Jul 15
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When Once Upon A Time star Ginnifer Goodwin signed up to take part in the new season of TLC’s Who Do You Think You Are, the genealogy show that helps celebrities dig into family history, she had no idea what she was in for.

“When my grandfather was alive he never wanted to discuss his parents,” Goodwin, 37, tells PEOPLE. “A few years ago when I was still on Big Love, my father and I tried tracing my paternal great-grandparents on our own, but gave up pretty quickly. We didn’t know what we were doing.”

So recently Goodwin reached out to Who Do You Think You Are? for help. “They researched for about seven months before deciding that there was an abundant amount of material,” Goodwin says. “It’s astounding what they found.”

On the season premiere, Goodwin discovers why her grandfather, who left home at age 11, kept his parents a secret for all of those years. “There is an incredible paper trail when your relatives were criminally inclined,” Goodwin says.

In the exclusive clip above, Goodwin finds out that her paternal great-grandmother Nellie went to jail for dealing drugs, just one of several criminal activities her father’s grandparents were involved in.

“I not only sobbed the whole week of filming, but my husband (Once costar Josh Dallas), watched it with me and it gutted us all over again,” Goodwin says. “I never dreamt that I would be made to feel like I actually know these people. I got such an intimate look into their lives. I now understand that they were greatly misunderstood.”

It’s an episode that executive producer and The Comeback star Lisa Kudrow is extremely proud of. “A lot of people think their family history will be dull, but we know that if they were humans, they weren’t dull,” Kudrow tells PEOPLE. “It’s unbelievable what we were able to find out for Ginnifer.”

And the experience means the world to the Goodwin. “It’s important for my son (Oliver, 13 months) to know his history,” Goodwin says. “Life experiences become this patchwork, like a quilt that we wrap around us and our ancestors are very much a part of that. My great-grandparents didn’t get the Goodwin love, so I feel like it’s important for Oliver to somehow give them that love retroactively.”


Jul 15
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The cast of Once Upon A Time did a photoshoot for Entertainment Weekly yesterday while at Comic Con and we have one of the images in our gallery!

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Jul 15
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More Comic Con pics … this time of Ginny & Josh in the Once Upon a Time Pressline.

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Jul 15
Ali Articles & Interviews, Once Upon A Time Comments Off on Once Upon a Time introducing Merida in season 5 gives us an overlook of the new season and some of the highlights of today’s Comic Con panel for Once Upon A Time.

Despite being the savior, Emma Swan might not be able to fight the darkness that consumed her in the Once Upon a Time finale—but that’s okay, because she’s a pretty badass Dark Swan.

After the darkness within Rumple (Robert Carlyle) was accidentally set free, Emma (Jennifer Morrison) decided to sacrifice herself for the town and become the new Dark One, aka Dark Swan. But the big question was where Emma disappeared to after being consumed, which appeared to be answered in a special sneak peek shown during the Comic-Con panel on Saturday.

In the Enchanted Forest — specifically what appeared to be the prison that used to house Rumplestiltskin — a peasant delivers food to the lone occupant: The Dark Swan. Sporting new duds and a sparkly face — though not quite as intense as what Rumplestiltskin has — Emma rips out her captor’s heart after he is shocked to see a beautiful woman. “They said you were a monster,” he said. “Only on the inside,” she spit back before crushing it.

Yes, Emma has gone full-on evil. “Emma went through a lot in her life,” Morrison said. “She had a tough childhood. She’s had to overcome a lot of things. She’s tried to be the bigger person. Now that she’s tethered to the darkness, she’s free of that … She’s going to face the darkness in herself and figure out how to overcome it.”

As for the man who will hopefully save her, Hook has struggled with the darkness for years, only trying to be a better man for Emma. “He found love with Emma,” O’Donoghue said. “He has been a villain, but his girlfriend is nasty now, so who knows what’s going to happen?”

Speaking of the other Dark One, after the darkness completely consumed Rumple’s heart, the Apprentice pulled the darkness out, leaving Rumple in a coma as his body recovers from centuries of evil. Now with a pure heart, “The incarnation of Rumple this time around is slightly different,” Carlyle said. “He’s lost his mantle as the Dark One, but that’s not to say he doesn’t have that trickery about him. He still has that. Mr. Gold is presently in a coma, so he’s not doing too much.”

Other highlights from the panel:

-Brave is coming to Once Upon a Time, and EW has confirmed that Merida will be played by Scottish actress Amy Manson, whom fans might recognize from Being Human. A special sneak peek at next season — which you can watch below — showed off new character Merida and her awesome archery skills.

-Henry may come to regret destroying the Author’s quill.

-Hook may have a connection to Camelot: “Camelot exists in a parallel timeline,” executive producer Adam Horowitz said. “It’s existed. How we portray it and show you, it’s existed long ago, short ago and maybe in the future. It may have co-existed with [when Hook was in the Royal Navy].”

-Regina is “really now starting to accept that she can be happy,” Lana Parrilla said. And Robin Hood reciprocates. “He’s in love with Regina,” Sean Maguire said.

-The show’s upcoming 100th episode will be a special affair, slated to air as the spring premiere.


Jul 15
Ali Events, Images, Once Upon A Time Comments Off on Once Upon A Time Panel at Comic Con

Ginny is at Comic Con! So excited! She participated in the panel for Once Upon A Time with her cast mates and she debuted a new hair color!

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Jul 15
Ali Articles & Interviews, Once Upon A Time Comments Off on Comic-Con 2015: Everything you need to know before the Once Upon a Time panel

With the Dark Swan rising, who will step up to protect the residents of Storybrooke? And Can Emma be brought back from the darkness? We hope to get some answers on that and much more during the Once Upon a Time panel at Comic-Con on Saturday. To prepare for the big event, EW is here to give you a refresher on where the ABC fairy tale drama left off:

Where we left off: After the fairy tale world was turned upside down by the Author, Henry (Jared Gilmore) was able to save the day. But upon their return to Storybrooke, the darkness within Rumple (Robert Carlyle) was accidentally set free, so Emma (Jennifer Morrison) decided to sacrifice herself and become the new Dark One.

What we know about season 5: Now trapped with the powers of an ancient evil, Emma will be fighting her dark urges while discovering her new powers as the Dark Swan — though she’ll put a twist on those powers by potentially using love as a weapon. Meanwhile, the residents of Storybrooke will be on the hunt for Merlin, who may be able to set Emma free. Their quest — which will see Snow (Ginnifer Goodwin) and Charming (Josh Dallas) cross some lines to save their daughter—will bring out a new Savior, while also introducing King Arthur and Guinevere. Plus: Lancelot (Sinqua Walls) returns! Get more scoop here and here.

Comic-Con burning question: Who’s the new Savior?


Jul 15
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I have added HQ captures of Fawn who Ginnifer voices in the film Tinkerbell and the Legend of the Never Beast to our gallery!

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Jun 15
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I have added some new stills I found to the gallery from Ginny’s film He’s Just Not That Into You. Go check them out!

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