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Feb 24, 16   Ali   Comments Off on Disney princess Ginnifer Goodwin hops to ‘Zootopia’ role

The San Francisco Chronicle ran this article on Ginny and her new film Zootopia. When Ginnifer Goodwin says she loves Disney, believe her. “I’m a Disney freak. A Disneyphile,” she says. Unlike most kids who fell under the Disney spell watching “The Little Mermaid” or any other Disney animated film over and over, Goodwin ended […]

Feb 18, 16   Ali   Comments Off on Zootopia Premiere

Ginnifer & Josh walked the red carpet for the premiere of her new film Zootopia last night. Ginnifer looked radiant as she showed off her baby bumb in a floor-length silk gown by Etro which she accented with H Stern jewelry, and Nicholas Kirkwood shoes. Gallery Links: – Ginnifer Goodwin Online > 2016 > February […]

Feb 18, 16   Ali   Comments Off on Jason Bateman Praises the ‘Positive and Incredibly Timely’ Message of Disney’s ‘Zootopia’

Variety shares the words Jason Bateman shared on His & Ginny’s new film Zootopia. A little rain couldn’t dampen the spirits of those gathered at Wednesday’s premiere of Disney’s “Zootopia,” held at Hollywood’s El Capitan Theatre. Costumed walk-around characters like bunny officer Judy Hopps (played in the film by Ginnifer Goodwin) and con-artist fox Nick […]

Feb 18, 16   Ali   Comments Off on People ‘Roll Their Eyes’ When I Bring My Son on a Plane

Once Upon a Time actress Ginnifer Goodwin and her costar husband, Josh Dallas, aren’t exempt from toddler-shaming when they travel with their 20-month-old, Oliver. “People will look at us and they’ll roll their eyes when we go on an airplane,” the actress told Us Weekly on Wednesday, February 17, at the L.A. premiere of her […]

Feb 18, 16   Ali   Comments Off on Ginnifer Goodwin Admits She’s Not Ready to Have Another Boy

Ginnifer Goodwin joked with ET that she sometimes forgets she’s has a baby bump — but not when she’s wearing stilettos! “It’s just being pregnant in heels is like a whole thing!” the 37-year-old actress quipped while at the Hollywood premiere of Zootopia on Wednesday night. “Like, center of gravity is very, very different!” Goodwin […]

Feb 17, 16   Ali   Comments Off on Ginnifer Goodwin Hopes Her Sons Embrace Her Love of All Things Disney shares how Ginny has shared that she hopes to instill in Oliver her love of Disney. Ginnifer Goodwin loves getting lost in a good fairy tale and including her family in the fun. The actress’ occupation as a Disney princess on TV’s Once Upon a Time has added a few storybook-like elements to her […]

Feb 12, 16   Ali   Comments Off on Film Review: Disney’s ‘Zootopia’

Variety gives us our first review of Zootopia. Disney offers a decades-later correction to ‘Song of the South,’ in which rabbits and foxes have a chance to live together in relative harmony. From the company that brought you the utopian simplicity of “It’s a Small World” comes a place where mammals of all shapes, sizes […]

Feb 12, 16   Ali   Comments Off on Zootopia Images

I have added a bunch of new images from Ginny’s film Zootopia that hits theaters March 4th. Gallery Links: – Ginnifer Goodwin Online > FILMS > 2016 | Zootopia

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