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Apr 14
Ali Articles & Interviews, Co-Stars, Once Upon A Time Comments Off on Josh Dallas, Ginnifer Goodwin ‘Really Excited’ to Be Parents, Says Co-Star

ABC News spoke with Josh & Ginnifer’s new co-star Rebecca Mader who shares what it is like working with Ginnifer and how excited Ginny & Josh are to be parents!

Rebecca Mader may play the Wicked Witch Zelena on “Once Upon a Time,” but the Brit is actually quite lovely and couldn’t stop gushing about how nice it is to work with the cast — especially a very pregnant Ginnifer Goodwin.

“She’s one of the most attractive, gracious pregnant people I’ve ever met,” the “Lost” alum told ABC News. “If I can be like that when I’m pregnant. … I love Ginnifer Goodwin.”

In fact, Mader said Goodwin’s pregnancy hasn’t affected shooting of the series in the slightest.

“She’s such a cool cat, she’s just really comfortable and really happy being pregnant, it’s lovely to be around,” she added. “Her and Josh [Dallas, he fiance and co-star] are really, really excited to be parents. It’s wonderful that they wrote the pregnancy into the show.

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