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Aug 13
Ali Articles & Interviews, Killing Kennedy Comments Off on ‘Killing Kennedy’: Rob Lowe and Ginnifer Goodwin discuss playing JFK and Jackie

Zap2It spoke with Ginnifer and Rob Lowe on their new film Killing Kennedy and what it was like playing these iconic characters.

John and Jacqueline Kennedy are probably the most portrayed first couple in American history: Dozens of actors have taken on their roles in the past.

Rob Lowe, who plays JFK in National Geographic’s movie “Killing Kennedy,” is aware of all that, and the potential baggage that comes with it. But he approached the role the way he would if he were playing, say, Hamlet.

“Shakespeare made a career writing about the royals. The Kennedys are sort our royals, and if you believe that concept, then it’s like playing a character from Shakespeare,” Lowe said Wednesday (July 24) at the TCA summer press tour. “Actors play Hamlet all the time. … A lot of people will play JFK in the future. It’s just one of our great American icons.

“But in terms of how you look at it, you try to figure out what can you, individually, bring. For me it was very much about capturing him as a man. We all know the inconography of Kennedy. I was really interested in the details of what he was like as a father, as a brother, as a son, as a husband, as a flawed and complicated and heroic guy — where those small details live.”

Ginnifer Goodwin hopes to “humanize” Jackie Kennedy with her portrayal.

“It was honestly only a couple of days before we began [filming] that I realized I wanted the story I was telling of Jackie to be angled in such a way that it was based on everything she said about herself and not base her on the way others described her,” she says. “In that way it took all the pressure off really, because it really was about all of these private moments, the things that happened behind closed doors. No one knows anything about those moments. All we have are things that Jackie said after the fact.”

“Killing Kennedy,” based on the best-selling book by Bill O’Reilly and Martin Dugard, is scheduled to premiere in November on NatGeo.

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