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Feb 13
Ali Articles & Interviews, Charity, Once Upon A Time Comments Off on Ginnifer Goodwin Swishes Listerine to Donate $21,000 to Oral Health America features Ginnifer on their Fit Stop today. There are some great interviews coming out since Ginnifer helped launched Listerine’s 21 Day Challenge, in this one she talks about developing good habits and which of her roles has been her favorite.

“Did you ever think that swishing just once would be worth $21,000?”

“No, absolutely not! My mother is proud!”

Our moms would be too, if one simple swish of Listerine could trigger a $21,000 donation to Oral Health America and kick off the 21-Day Challenge to Healthier Smiles. But we’re not Ginnifer Goodwin, as much as we like to dream about it.

We can still aspire to be like her though, right? We quickly jumped on board with the 21-Day Challenge once we realized how simple it was! Log on to Facebook, click “Get Started” under the 21-Day Challenge icon and you’re set to go! For every person who signs up, another donation is made to the Smiles Across America program, which will help provide oral health services to children in need. Now all you have to do is swish with Listerine twice a day, every day after brushing and flossing, for 21 days. Gum disease, find someone else to torment!

While chatting with Goodwin, we found out that brushing those pearly whites only kills 75 percent of the germs in your mouth, leaving the rest behind to wreak havoc all over your smile. Another scary fact: half of American adults have some form of gum disease and they don’t even know it. Yikes!

Keep reading to find out what else we learned from the Once Upon A Time actress, including which characters top her list of all-time favorite roles.

You have a gorgeous smile! For a lot of people, it’s difficult to get into a routine and remember to do all three: brushing, flossing and swishing. Do you have any tips to stick with it?

I think it’s just a matter of dedicating yourself to doing it. It takes 21 days to form a habit, hence the 21-day challenge. For the first several weeks, it feels like it’s a waste of a couple of extra seconds, but then you realize it’s only a couple of extra seconds and when you do it, you are really preventing all kinds of major, major damage down the road.

Were you always good about oral health growing up?

I wasn’t. And not only was I not, but my cousin is my dentist, so it wasn’t just about getting busted at the dentist’s office. It would go home with me.

Are you super aware of it now?

Yes! Especially after learning those statistics from the people at Listerine. And sometimes I feel like I kiss people for a living.

Let’s talk about Once Upon A Time – what a great show. Did you ever dream about being a Disney princess when you were little?

Totally! Literally, my biggest dream was to be a Disney princess, so it was a no-brainer taking on that job. I was raised on the Disney animated features – that was my first introduction to fairy tales in general. Walt Disney hung the moon, changed storytelling, entertainment and technology. He was the Steve Jobs of the first half of the 20th century. I desperately wanted to be involved with the Disney company, which they know because I begged and pleaded for years. I was also a huge geeky fan of the writers and producers on Lost before they created Once Upon a Time, so to have all those ideas come together is pretty dreamy.

Taping TV shows requires long hours on the job. Is it hard to practice healthy habits?

You know what? When you prioritize health and it becomes a source of pride and joy, it actually seems easy. Honestly, I cook my own food and take it to set with me, so I eat out of my glass food containers all day. And I really do take excellent care of myself. I don’t think I’d be able to work 16.5 hours a day if I didn’t. I mean, yesterday I got up at 4 a.m., shot the entire day, which tends to be between 14.5 and 16.5 hours, and then went straight to the airport to get on the red eye to come here. And if I didn’t prioritize health, I’m sure I wouldn’t be able to do that. I definitely wouldn’t be able to do it happily.

If you make your own food a lot, you must have some favorite meals?

I’ve been making what I call a sea sludge smoothie for breakfast every day. I’ve become addicted to mixing different combinations of fruits together and either different kinds of juices or milks. I mix it with spirulina and wheat grass, and everything turns like a murky black color. Throw in some flax seeds and chia seeds and I’m telling you, it’s the best natural high. But I come to work and my makeup artist always giggles because I have a ring of green around my mouth.

What about fave workouts?

Right now, I’m alternating Pilates, yoga and ballet. I don’t go everyday – it would be impossible with my schedule and I’m just not willing to go to a gym at 3 or 4 in the morning before work. So I go on my days off, aiming for two or three times a week. Or sometimes, I’ll just go for a walk with a girlfriend. I feel like as long as you’re moving, you’re exercising.

Alright, last question. You’ve played a lot of characters throughout the years. Do you have a favorite role, or a top three?

Oh my gosh. I mean, Snow White, clearly! I think Margene on Big Love will always be my greatest love. I learned so much about acting while on that show, and I made friends for life. It was an utterly creative and healthy environment. It was the dream job; I miss it all the time. And I would say, recently I’ve been thinking rather fondly on my couple of days working on A Single Man and my experiences with director Tom Ford.

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