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Aug 12
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Film news shared this fun article where Ginny talks about how there were three “Jennifer”‘s on set of her film “He’s Just Not That Into You.”

Ginnifer Goodwin was one of several stars to have a code name on the set of He’s Not That Into You.

The actress appeared in the 2009 rom-com which also featured Jennifer Aniston and Jennifer Connolly. She admits that special measures had to be brought in on set to distinguish between them.

“We had to have a code for the three Jennifers on set, oh yes! I went by GG as these are my initials. Jennifer Aniston was Jen and Jennifer Connolly was Jennifer,” the actress explained to Australian radio hosts Kyle and Jackie O. “We have the same issue in Once Upon a Time too as we have Jennifer Morrison. I think I have a thing for J names!”

The 34-year-old actress managed to make the tough transition from movies into TV.

She has had success with her role in Once Upon a Time that is now filming a second season. Ginnifer says although many actors find it a hard decision to make, for her it was an easy one.

“No it wasn’t once I looked at the script. I hadn’t been planning to go back into TV. I read some movie scripts and I hated all of them to be honest,” Ginnifer admitted. “The state of the movie industry is that unless you’re in some major comic book movie you’re kind of screwed. Then I read through some TV script pilots and I realised that that’s where all the great script writers have gone, they have gone into TV.”

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