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Dec 11
Ali Articles & Interviews, Once Upon A Time Comments Off on Why ABC Is Counting on ‘Once Upon a Time’ Star Ginnifer Goodwin

I came across this great article that was done in October where they ask Ginnifer some questions about herself and thought I would share it so we can learn a little more about her.

After five seasons on HBO’s acclaimed drama Big Love coupled with film roles (Walk the Line, Something Borrowed), Ginnifer Goodwin, 33, is trying her hand at a network drama from Lost producers Edward Kitsis and Adam Horowitz. She plays Snow White and Sister Mary Margaret in the fairy tale saga Once Upon a Time.

My first acting role was … A doll in The Little Engine That Could at Auburndale Elementary in Memphis.

My big break was … My first role from which I could support myself was as an actress on [the NBC series] Ed, but I’d say [2003’s] Mona Lisa Smile was my break. Being a part of that changed everything for me.

I decided to do TV now because … That’s where all the great writers have gone.

My favorite thing about my character is … As Snow White, she’s never self-indulgent enough to let her obstacles discourage her.

My least favorite thing about my character is … Sister Mary Margaret’s emotional journey is so treacherous that it’s very hard for me to tell her story empathetically. I walk home with some residual pain.

The most exciting part about the TV business is … Networks are taking big risks. … I’ve not been as impressed with the [film] scripts that I’ve gotten. The really special ones are few and far between because we’re making fewer movies, and the ones we are making are big and fancy and the storytelling is far less risky. I can’t say it’s as appealing a place to be for me.

The most frustrating part about the TV business is … It’s a double-edged sword because if you’re lucky enough to find yourself in the TV world, you’re committing all of your time for years.

An average day on set lasts … 12 to 14 hours, which is short for me compared to Big Love.

If I could cast my dream guest star, I’d cast … Anyone from Lost, Michael Emerson or Terry O’Quinn.

My favorite TV shows (excluding mine) are … Lost, Pushing Daisies and South Park.

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