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Dec 11
Ali Articles & Interviews Comments Off on “Kate Middleton is our Cinderella”

I was doing some hunting today for Ginnifer related stuff and came across this cute article with WENN where Ginny was talking about the pending marriage of Kate Middleton to Prince William. I love what she had to say and thought I would share.

I’ll be watching 100 per cent. Kate Middleton is our Cinderella. I’m obsessed and enthralled. I’m a big fan. They are a living fairytale those two.

The little girl in me who always wanted to play a princess is extraordinarily happy that Kate Middleton gets to be one. It’s a relationship that has overcome some obstacles that are outside of their control and purely based on love and there’s nothing more epic than that.

The best part is that Miss Ginnifer gets to play a princess now!

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