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Dec 11
Ali Articles & Interviews Comments Off on 5 Reasons Why You Should Make Ginnifer Goodwin Your Twitter Follow Friday

I came across this today and I loved it and so you need to read it too! This is from Glamour magazine’s site.

Ginnifer Goodwin exudes charm. Her slight southern accent, the adorable pixie haircut (that she’s apparently growing out) and the non-Hollywood openness she has on topics like weight make her likability factor high. She brings all that to her acting–it was impossible not to be in Margene’s corner on Big Love (even when she was stirring up trouble) and on Once Upon a Time you just want her character Mary Margaret to have a happily ever after ending. Now, Ginny’s also charming the heck out of me on Twitter.

Here at Obsessed, we’re recommending some kick-ass people to consider following on Follow Friday–or whatever day of the week you get around to reading this. Last week, it was Mindy Kaling, whose general awesomeness scored her our first Follow Friday ever. This week, it’s Ginny–along with these 5 quick and easy reasons why she deserves your Twitter love.

1. She is nice to fans. It goes beyond just RTing someone for their birthday. She actually interacts with people. She answers questions about anything for what she’s wearing on screen in a scene to clarifying plot point to fans who might be confused about something.
2. She frequently live tweets during Once Upon a Time. This is awesome. She gives up her Sunday night to her fans by watching the show while they do and tweeting with them about it. There is a very short of celebrities who do this and I think it’s pretty cool.
3. She shares recipes. Everybody wants to know what celebs eat to stay to look so great. So if she’s having the Arugula Salad with Strawberries from, darn it, I want to know all about it.
4. She gives behind-the-scenes scoop. If you love the show, you’ll love to read about how her day on the set goes. Here was a recent tweet from the set: “I’m dry after 4 days underwater! Wouldn’t’ve thunk I could do it. But I did!”
5. She’s a princess…or she plays one on TV, at least.And who doesn’t want to follow a princess?

Follow Ginnifer on Twitter here.

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