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Nov 11
Ali Co-Stars, Once Upon A Time Comments Off on ‘Once Upon A Time’ Star Jennifer Morrison Reveals Why She Envies Ginnifer Goodwin

Ginnifer’s co-star Jennifer Morrison, who plays Emma Swan on Once Upon A Time spoke to reporters at the American Music Awards this weekend.

Jennifer’s ready to trade her biker duds for some serious princess swag.

Admit it: When you were a little girl, you totally wanted to go into your mom’s closet to play dress-up — so just imagine how much more you’d want to do that if your mom was Snow White! Jennifer Morrison spoke with reporters Nov. 20 at the 2011 American Music Awards about her Once Upon A Time character Emma Swan’s costumes, or lack thereof; and as it turns out, she’s got a major case of gown-envy!

“I see Ginnifer Goodwin in those ball gowns … and I’m still in my leather jacket,” Jennifer said with a sigh.

Being one of the only characters who never gets to step into the fairytale world has its drawbacks, but don’t think for a second that Jennifer doesn’t love playing tough-as-nails Emma.

She admitted: “I’m so obsessed with my character.”

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